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Watch an incredibly close no-goal call cost the Montreal Canadiens

You can't get much closer than that.

The Columbus Blue Jackets escaped the first period against the Montreal Canadiens with a lead by the skin of their teeth. Or, in this case, by the skin of the puck.

Montreal thought they had tied the game at 1-1 midway through the first frame when Brendan Gallagher's deflection trickled through Sergei Bobrovsky toward the goal line. Bobrovsky squeezed the pads just in time, but did the puck ever go in?


Remember, the puck has to completely cross the red line to count as a goal. From that GIF alone, it's too difficult to tell. So let's zoom in!

no goal?

Wow. That might be the closest video review call in a long, long time. On one hand, it looks like the puck is pretty much across the goal line. But you could also argue that a fraction of a fraction of an inch is touching the red. The refs called no goal, stating the puck never crossed.

And who are we to argue? We have no clue either.