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Alex Ovechkin stole the show at the 2015 NHL All-Star Draft

Selfies, signs and cussing.

The NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft was supposed to be about all of the top NHL talents having fun together.

So naturally, Alex Ovechkin dominated the headlines. And it was amazing.

Before the draft even began, Ovechkin told NBC's Pierre McGuire that he was "kind of" having fun at the All-Star Weekend. He also said he wanted to be drafted last, which would become a recurring theme.

When he didn't get picked for the next few rounds, NBC cut to him again. He was much more drunk and had begun making campaign signs for himself.

He even captured the moment on Instagram! With an incredibly blank expression.

Still, nobody picked him. So he just took selfies with everyone who did get picked.

Some of the final picks came down to Ovi and Giordano. At this point both were slurring their words hilariously.

But it was not to be. Patrick Kane selected him for Team Toews with three picks left, and Ovi proceeded to cuss at the camera and almost flip the bird!

We love you, Ovi.