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Henrik Lundqvist takes shot to throat, keeps making huge saves anyway

King Henrik is not of this world.

In case you needed more proof that Henrik Lundqvist was an unbreakable Jedi warrior goalie or something, the Rangers netminder provided two more huge moments on Saturday.

Lundqvist was pretty shaken up in the second period when a shot from Carolina Hurricanes forward Brad Malone snuck under his throat protector and hit a soft spot on his neck.


The aftermath of this was pretty scary. Lundqvist writhed on the ice in pain as trainers frantically scooped ice onto his neck. I mean, just look at him:


That is not the look of a man in comfort. And yet, Lundqvist got right back up and continued playing! The man is unbelievable. Especially when you consider that he made this save literally a minute before the incident happened.


This is why hockey fans everywhere bow before King Henrik.