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Linesman injured by puck in Wild-Sharks game

Ryan Galloway had to leave the ice after a puck struck him in the head.

As sports fans, we get a lot of laughs at NFL referees falling down in the middle of plays or NBA refs getting run into by players. But you really have to feel for MLB and NHL referees.

One of the dangers for them is a small, hard object flying around the playing field that could hit them at any moment. Linesman Ryan Galloway experienced that first-hand on Tuesday while officiating a game between the Minnesota Wild and San Jose Sharks.


Even though he was wearing a visor, Galloway's head still got cut by the puck. The poor guy didn't really have any chance to avoid it since he jumped right into the trajectory.


Galloway laid on the ice for a moment or two and then managed to skate off to the locker room. Hockey referees are tough, too.