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2015 NHL All-Star Game jerseys revealed to fan derision

Nobody likes the NHL's flashy All-Star Game jerseys.

The NHL revealed the jerseys for the 2015 All-Star Game on Friday, and it's already become a divisive subject among hockey fans.

The jerseys are black and white with "elite green" trim, as the NHL is calling it. Others might call it neon green, but we'll go along with the league on this one.

Here's the "home" jersey.

And here's the "away" jersey. Both pictures are from

Someone high within the NHL ranks clearly thinks that neon green is still bold and hip. Reebok says it designed the jerseys with a fresh idea in mind.

"This was a fresher spin and a color that is unique," lead NHL Reebok designer Dominic Fillion said. "No other team owns this color so that was unique and it complemented very well the black and white while bringing a great accent with high visibility. We wanted something energetic and bright enough that it would stand out and grab your attention.

"We wanted something that fans hadn't seen on an NHL uniform before."

Yeah. Maybe there's a reason no team has used that color before. Safe to say, fans on Twitter swiftly expressed their disappointment.