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Phil Kessel's first goal as a Penguin was basically a laser beam

Welcome to Pittsburgh! Watch your speed.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It took a game and a half for Phil Kessel to finally earn his first goal as a Pittsburgh Penguins player, but when it arrived it did so with ferocious speed.

Kessel, who was traded to Pittsburgh from the Toronto Maple Leafs this summer, scored midway through the second period on Saturday against the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes possessed the puck and tried to move it out of their zone, but Kessel picked their pocket and carried the puck back up ice.

He then released a shot so hard we're surprised it didn't end up back in Toronto.

What a howitzer. It's well-known that Kessel possesses some of the best speed and hardest shots in the NHL, but it's still mildly awe-inspiring to see it in action every other night.

Big things are expected of Kessel this year. He's joining the Penguins after six years in Toronto, where he eclipsed the 30-goal mark four times. He should reach that again this year playing on Sidney Crosby's wing. And it clearly looks like his shot hasn't lost a step.