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Filip Forsberg out-muscles Islanders goalie, defenseman to score

Forsberg went where no forward dares go.

As a forward in hockey, setting up shop inside a goalie's crease is essentially a death wish. One trip inside that area will leave you with bruised shins and a nasty ache in your back from where the goalie whacked you with his stick. Filip Forsberg does not care about pain.

The Nashville Predators forward ventured into the New York Islanders crease on Thursday and ended up with a goal. The remarkable thing is that he didn't just set up shop in there, he had enough time to start a business before he shoved his way in between the Islanders goalie and defenseman Calvin de Haan to shovel in a well-earned goal.

It was Forsberg's second of the season, giving the Predators a 2-0 lead they would quickly let slip away.