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Dustin Byfuglien boards Jason Pominville with ugly hit to the head

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Could the Jets defenseman be suspended?

On Sunday night in Winnipeg, the Jets managed to escape unharmed from a last-ditch comeback attempt by the Minnesota Wild. The same can't be said for Jason Pominville, and perhaps Dustin Byfuglien either.

Trailing 5-4 with under two minutes remaining in the third period, Wild winger Jason Pominville tried to beat Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien off the rush along the boards. Pominville tripped, but tried to regain the puck as he got back on his feet. But that's when Byfuglien decided to take him out of the play for good with a hit into the boards.

Pominville was slow to get up and required attention from the Wild's medical staff before returning to the bench. He was clearly woozy, and you can see why from this angle:

Byfuglien was given two minutes for boarding, but the likelihood of a suspension or fine remains considering how unnecessary the hit was and that it was to Pominville's head. Byfuglien was suspended four games earlier in 2015 for cross-checking New York Rangers forward J.T. Miller's head into the ice.