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Coyotes goalie Mike Smith was inches away from another butt goal

So close!

Two years ago, Arizona Coyotes netminder Mike Smith brought into the world one of the greatest moments in hockey history. Never before had a goalie dared to carry the puck into his own net with his own butt. For one night, Smith dared to go where no goalie had gone before. And it was beautiful.

And it almost happened again on Monday.

The Coyotes were nursing a 3-0 lead in the late stages of a game in Toronto when Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri fired a shot that missed the inside of the net by inches and rang off the post instead. But then it drifted off of Smith's outstretched butt, and ALMOST WENT INTO THE NET FOR ANOTHER #BUTTGOAL.

That was defenseman Klas Dahlbeck clearing the puck from the crease and denying Smith (and fans of joy and hilarity everywhere) more #buttgoal glory. Blame him. Though something tells us Smith has plenty more #buttgoals left in him.