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Frederik Andersen kicks the net off its moorings to save a goal

You're so sly, Andersen.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Goaltenders slide their skates across the goal crease all the time to make saves. It's a goaltending staple, something many netminders employ when needing to make a quick stop with the blade of their skate. Anaheim Ducks goaltender Frederik Andersen may or may not have used the posts to his advantage Monday evening, saving a goal by knocking the net off its moorings.

In a scoreless third period in a game against the Chicago Blackhawks with time running down, Artemi Panarin fired off a quick shot on goal, but Andersen's lateral movement caused the net to dislodge clearly after the puck entered the net.

It's the right call by the NHL rules, which you can see below, but did Andersen knowingly knock the net off to save a goal in a game that clearly needs one?