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Mean old man steals puck from little Penguins fan

Shame on him.

It's a special night for Buffalo Sabres coach Dan Bylsma. He's returning to Pittsburgh (where he once coached the Penguins to a Stanley Cup win) for the first time since he was fired a few years ago. In the first period, the Penguins fans gave him a standing ovation.

So when a puck was shot into the Sabres bench in the second period, Bylsma decided to give back. Spotting a little kid in the stands, Bylsma tossed the puck over the glass towards the child's outstretched hands.

And then an old man ruined the moment.

Dude. That is not cool. Penguins fans booed him, and rightly so. Look at that kid just turn around, hang his head and walk back to his seat! Awwwwwwwww.

Luckily the Penguins were on the case. They found the little guy and gave him a puck AND a Sidney Crosby jersey. And he was all smiles!