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Blue Jays player wears Canadiens shirt to Maple Leafs game

This won't offend the Sports Gods at all.

The Toronto Blue Jays begin their American League Divisional Series with the Texas Rangers on Thursday, but that didn't stop them from attending the Maple Leafs' season opener against the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night.

It was a nice show of Toronto sports solidarity. Most of them even wore jerseys! Most of them. Liam Hendriks, on the other hand, decided to wear a Canadiens shirt.

You might assume Hendriks is from Montreal, but the Australian pitcher isn't even from the same continent as the Habs. But his wife is a Montreal native, so Toronto fans can probably cut him some slack. The Sports Gods, on the other hand, are fickle deities. If the Blue Jays get lit up in Game 1 on Thursday you know who to blame.