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Fight breaks out between Flames and Canucks just two seconds into opening night

Couldn't wait, could you?

There's nothing quite like opening night in the NHL. No doubt the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks spent the previous 24 hours before their first game of the year in inpatient anticipation for the first puck drop.

But when the moment finally came on Wednesday, they had to wait a little while longer while Flames forward Michael Ferland and Canucks forward took care of some unfinished business just two seconds into the game.

You might be wondering what made face-punching each other so important the game had to wait. During last spring's playoffs, Ferland and Dorsett were involved in a number of dustups stemming from Ferland defending a teammate from a big hit by Dorsett. They must have spent the entire offseason planning revenge, resulting in the first (and earliest) fight of the new NHL season.

(H/T @MyRegularFace)