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Dustin Brown lands questionable high hit on Logan Couture

Dustin Brown toes the line again.

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Those hockey fans hoping to get through the NHL's season opening night without a controversial or dirty hit will likely be disappointed after Los Angeles Kings forward Dustin Brown found himself in hot water for a high hit on an opponent Wednesday.

The incident occurred as the first period was winding down in L.A. and the San Jose Sharks were bounding up ice after a Los Angeles turnover. Sharks center Logan Couture happened to be the unlucky guy carrying the puck when Brown launched himself for a vicious hit at center ice.

Couture suffered nothing more than a bloodied nose, but the question remains whether Brown's hit was legal or whether he targeted the head of a vulnerable player. It certainly doesn't look better when you slow the tape down.

Despite a reputation for a particularly physical style of play, Brown has only been suspended once for elbowing Jason Pominville in 2013, and has never been fined.