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Brandon Dubinsky makes sweet pass while falling to set up goal

Upper-body strength is important.

Leave it to the speedy and entertaining Blue Jackets to score their first goal of the season in a pretty awesome way.

Columbus trailed the New York Rangers in the second period on Friday when Rangers forward Derick Brassard whiffed on a pass at his own blue line and fell down. For a moment it looked like the Rangers were still in luck, because Blue Jackets forward Brandon Dubinsky collected the puck but started to fall down too.

Then the comedy of errors turned into a fairly cool play.

That was Cam Atkinson streaking through center ice to pick up Dubinsky's pass and slip it past Henrik Lundqvist at the other end. The ironic part of this play? Brassard and Dubinsky were traded for each other by the Rangers and Jackets in 2012 as part of New York's trade for Rick Nash. Small world!