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Mike Commodore tweets he hopes Mike Babcock 'gets hit by a truck"

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Mike Commodore's grudge against his old coach is still strong.

You might have heard that Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock returned to Detroit on Thursday, where he spent the previous decade winning a Stanley Cup and helming one of the most successful NHL teams in the last 10 years.

You know who else heard that? Mike Commodore, former NHL defenseman and noted Mike Babcock hater. Now that he's retired, Commodore has lots of time to watch hockey and tweet really mean things like this:

On the surface, those seem kind of harmless. Maybe even funny. But then Commodore kept going....

......and leaped over the line. But at least he doesn't think Babcock likes Hitler!

You'd expect normal angry people online to delete these kinds of tweets, but something tells me Mike Commodore is not that kind of person.

This probably needs some context. Commodore holds a grudge from his one year in Detroit a few years back, mainly due to a lack of ice time. Probably not worth wishing Babcock to get hit by a truck though. (Definitely not.)

After all this you might be wondering one question.