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Kris Letang calls out Maple Leafs for not honoring Phil Kessel with video tribute

Shots fired.

Phil Kessel's entire career with the Toronto Maple Leafs was rife with silly drama, so it was only fitting his return as a Pittsburgh Penguin ended up just as dramatic.

Kessel played 453 games with the Maple Leafs (including playoffs) over six seasons before his trade to Pittsburgh in the offseason. And yet, the Maple Leafs fans booed him every time he touched the puck on Saturday. If that seemed unfair, one of his teammates took issue with another factor of the game: the lack of a video tribute.

Oof. He kind of has a point. Video tributes for former players with long tenures is commonplace in the NHL. The Calgary Flames even offered a video tribute for serviceable (but not great) former forward Curtis Glencross in the preseason this year. So the Leafs not making one for Kessel (one of the best forwards in their history) seems like an oversight, if not an outright slight.

But one imagines none of this matters to Kessel. The only thing that probably matters to him is the Penguins' 4-0 win.