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Every single player on the ice in Jets-Predators ended up in the penalty box

Nashville needs to invest in bigger penalty boxes.

Somehow, the Jets and the Predators still had enough men to put on the ice after six players on each side were sent to the box on unsportsmanlike penalties. In an explosive game in Nashville where the home team put up seven goals and are still going with less than five minutes to play, the Jets and Preds spilled some bad blood in the rout.

It all started after Jets forward Mark Scheifele dumped the puck into the Nashville net after a whistle in the third period, a hockey no-no. The Predators took offense to the foul and went after Scheifele, even goaltender Pekka Rinne left his crease to skate over. Even though it didn't come to complete blows, almost everyone got penalties on the play.

I think we'll let Winnipeg's Twitter take this one away.