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Kevin Bieksa got punched and his tooth popped out of his head

Calling my dentist ASAP.

We've seen countless players pull their loose teeth out on the bench after getting hit or punched. That's not an unusual sight in hockey. Gross, yes, but expected with the physicality of the sport. However, seeing someone's teeth actually punched out of their mouth takes this to a whole new, disgusting level.

Kevin Bieksa engaged in fisticuffs with Predators alternate captain Mike Fisher in the first period of their game Tuesday. It started innocently enough until Fisher got Bieksa squarely in the mouth, causing his tooth to become dislodged in his mouth and ALMOST POP OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT.

Let's all be thankful we don't get punched in the face for a living so we don't have to experience this horror firsthand.