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Jamie Benn casually toe drags, scores an easy goal

Nonchalance at its finest here.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's easy to be nonchalant about scoring a goal if you're leading the NHL in them. Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn knows how to put a puck into the net, as he's done it nine times so far through one month of the season. Benn then reached double-digits Monday evening in quite a calm fashion.

After receiving the puck on a rush from linemate Tyler Seguin, Benn's stickhandling fools defenseman Morgan Rielly, utilizing the toe drag just enough to freeze the Toronto player and find the open lane. The goal itself is a weak one given up by Maple Leaf goaltender James Reimer, but Benn finishes off the play with as casual of a wrist shot as they come.

Benn's 10th goal of the year has also tied Dallas' franchise record for the team's best start through 12 games of the season.