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Jannik Hansen makes Philadelphia pay for leaving him unguarded in the offensive zone

The Flyers left their defense in Philadelphia.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

It did not take long for the Vancouver Canucks to take advantage of a subpar Philadelphia Flyers defense. Just one minute into the first period of their late Monday evening match, Jannik Hansen takes advantage of a clear defensive breakdown to put the Canucks up on an easy goal.

The Flyers, whose defense has been suspect for the past few seasons, flat out give up on the play. Hansen comes into the offensive zone essentially unchecked, with the only defensive play in sight is a half-hearted attempt at shutting down a passing lane by defenseman Nick Schultz.

Hanson then pulls a move on netminder Steve Mason and shovels in an easy backhander after deking the netminder out of the way.

While the goal is quite a pretty one for Hanson, the forward completely embarrasses the Flyers defense, who are all completely stuck on the wrong side of the play.