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Ryan Kesler went undercover as a bearded Ducks fan

This is tremendous comedy.

While NHL teams give younger players a chance to play during the preseason, veterans usually enjoy their time off from the game. Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Kesler decided to mix things up with hilarious results.

During the Ducks' preseason game against the Los Angeles Kings in September, Kesler anonymously roamed around the Honda Center in a fatsuit, beard and glasses and mingled with fans. The Anaheim Ducks finally released the full video of his escapades on Friday, and the end result was amazing.

Some notable highlights and takeaways:

  • Kesler looks like a mix between John Lennon and Michael Moore. I wonder if this was intentional.
  • Wait, why was Corey Perry serving food at one of the stands? His line about Perry losing weight was great, and I hope Perry was incredibly confused by a random fan insulting him like that.
  • I can't believe Kesler started the wave. He didn't have to stoop to that level.
  • Kesler randomly sitting with families during the game is a highly comedic interruption of people's privacy.