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T.J. Oshie made a young fan's Christmas wish come true

A lucky fan got one of Oshie's sticks for Christmas.

Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie managed to grant a young fan's wish just in time for Thanksgiving.

From CSN's Chuck Gormley, one little Capitals fan showed up to the team's practice on Wednesday with his Christmas wish list. It was pretty short.

I mean, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet. But Oshie figured he'd honor the spirit of both holidays.

"I only had two here so I had to get through the practice," Oshie said after making his special delivery. "Obviously, it's Thanksgiving right now. The little man had a sign out there saying all he wanted for Christmas was a signed stick.

"I only have two out here at the practice rink so I had to finish practice with it first and I was able to give it to him."

Further proof that practice rinks are where the real NHL magic happens.