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Devan Dubnyk loses the puck in his pads, Preds score game winning goal

Should he have gotten a whistle?

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Devan Dubnyk might have a case here for a whistle to be called. Late in the third period of a 2-2 game against the Nashville Predators, a shot from Cody Hodgson handcuffs the Minnesota Wild goaltender and ends up in the net.

Dubnyk looks to have the puck caught somewhere in his equipment. Expecting a whistle, the goaltender starts to shift around, thinking he might have it in his glove, when the puck pops out and sits clearly right outside the blue paint. Hodgson follows up on his original shot and backhands the puck in through Dubnyk's five-hole for the 3-2 game winner.

Minnesota was not happy with the call, and Dubnyk was clearly seen arguing with the referees minutes after the play had transpired.