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Red Wings player bloodied by hit, retaliates with two sucker punches

None of this was okay.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

An oddly violent sequence occurred late in Detroit when a bad hit by a Dallas Stars player resulted in an equally violent response by the Red Wings.

Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson was battling with the puck with Stars forward Colton Sceviour along his own end boards when Stars winger Ales Hemsky laid a hit on him. It looked high, but not malicious. Nevertheless, it left Ericsson with a bleeding cut on his face.

Enraged, Ericsson came to his own defense by sucker punching Hemsky in the face twice.

Ericsson deservedly got two minutes for roughing, but somehow Hemsky wasn't penalized for a hit near the head that resulted in bleeding. That kind of call usually gets you either a major penalty or an early trip to the showers. Penalties aside, it seems like the sucker punches evened everything out.