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Adam Larsson ejected for high hit on Canucks rookie Jared McCann

Could Larsson face suspension?

New Jersey Devils defenseman Adam Larsson was ejected for interference on Sunday against the Vancouver Canucks. He might also face a suspension.

The incident occurred in the third period as the Devils battled the Canucks in a tie game at home. Canucks rookie Jared McCann carried the puck around behind the Devils net, and Larsson met the 19-year-old on the other side with a hit into the boards.

McCann was slow to get up but eventually made it to the Canucks' locker room. The officials deemed the play worthy of a five minute major for interference and a game misconduct, and Larsson made his way to the showers early.

If the Department of Player Safety takes a further look at this, it could result in the first supplemental discipline of Larsson's career. Luckily for the Canucks (and honestly, for Larsson) McCann returned to the bench a few moments later after passing a concussion test.