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Jordin Tootoo calls Alexander Burrows 'classless' after alleged personal remarks

A penalty box exchange turned ugly on Sunday.

A heated conversation with Vancouver Canucks forward Alexander Burrows left New Jersey Devils forward Jordin Tootoo irate enough after the game to call Burrows classless.

The exchange occurred in the first period between the two teams. Tootoo was a few seconds away from finishing his penalty when Burrows entered the other penalty box for his own infraction. For some reason, the two began chirping at each other across the boxes. It's not clear who started it.

It seemed harmless enough. Chirping happens all the time in hockey. But after the game Tootoo told reporters that what Burrows said went beyond mere verbal sparring.

Tootoo didn't elaborate, and the truth is we'll probably never know exactly what Burrows said. Tootoo is a veteran fighter though, so it takes something a lot to ruffle his feathers.