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Dan Hamhuis likely has broken jaw after taking gruesome slap shot to the face

The Canucks defenseman was rushed to the hospital, and for good reason.

The Canucks came away with a 2-1 victory last night against the New York Rangers, but at a cost. With less than 10 minutes left in their game, defenseman Dan Hamhuis took a Dan Boyle slap shot to the face and came away bleeding and in serious pain.

Those faint of heart might not want to click the video below, as it features blood and quite a few other unpleasant things, like taking a puck to the face.

The incident all started after Hamhuis stumbled slightly in the Canucks defensive zone, giving the Rangers the chance to jump on the fumbled puck. Derick Brassard picked off the puck and passed back to Dan Boyle, who let go a bomb of a slap shot, which caught Hamhuis on the unprotected side of his face. The replay shows Hamhuis turned to block the shot and instead got a face full of puck as it smashed into the lower half of his face.

Hamhuis was taken off the ice immediately and rushed to the hospital for completely obvious reasons. Canucks head coach Willie Desjardins told the media after the game that Hamhuis "probably broke his jaw" on the shot and was in the hospital overnight.

Vancouver has released no more official updates since last night, but given the nature of the specified injury, the Canucks could be without their defenseman for at least the rest of the month into the new year.