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'Sign Stamkos' signs printed by Toronto radio station banned by arena they partly own

TSN 1050 really wants Steven Stamkos to come to Toronto.

If Steven Stamkos ever comes to Toronto, we know of at least one media outlet that has his back. Before the Tampa Bay Lightning were set to play in the Air Canada Centre against the Maple Leafs, local radio station TSN1050 seemingly sponsored some straightforward signs demanding the team sign the Toronto native.

What makes this so incredible, outside of a radio station sponsoring their blatant Christmas wishes, is that the owners of TSN 1050 also own part of the Maple Leafs, and their arena. The Air Canada Centre banned the signs as they were being handed out outside of the arena, saying that they would not allow "unauthorized sponsored signs."

We all knew Stamkos' return to Toronto would have even more heat this time around thanks to his Twitter debacle last week, but this is even better than I had hoped.