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Jaromir Jagr does not want to die, pleads fans not to vote him into the All-Star Game

Cease and desist, hockey fans.

Fan voting for the NHL's All Star Game in January is not even 48 hours old, and there's already been some amazing and wacky stories from fans and players alike. First, a campaign to get John Scott -- noted enforcer of the Arizona Coyotes who has only played in six games this year -- into the All Star Game has gained enough serious traction that the forward is standing at the top of the leaderboard at this very moment. Then, last season's surprise vote of Latvian-born Zemgus Girgensons expressed his desire to not be voted in again this year, as he had not earned it!

Now, we've got 43-year-old sensation Jaromir Jagr saying a 3-on-3 match would "kill [him]" and for fans to resist voting his way in the contest.

Please fans, for the sake of hockey history, if Jagr says he doesn't want to die yet, let the man be.

UPDATE: Hockey legend Teemu Selanne and Jagr exchanged some heartfelt words and fun banter hours after Jagr's original tweet. Very nice moment between two hockey greats.