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The Flyers stacked so many players in the penalty box they could barely fit

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Goaltender Steve Mason may have been the culprit here.

Welcome back, Flyers hockey! After a break for the holidays, Philadelphia is back with a vengeance after sending not one, not two, not three, but five players to the penalty box in just over 30 seconds of game play.

This confrontation between Flyers goaltender and Ducks alternate captain Corey Perry seems to be the spark plug that started the entire sequence that follows. Mason shows some fire along with defenseman Luke Schenn, who both go after Perry for roughing up the netminder for no reason with the puck long gone from the crease.

The rest hasn't been caught on camera just yet, but Philadelphia's Ryan White and Anaheim's Kevin Bieksa squared off on that sequence and each bought themselves 10 minute misconducts for their troubles. Mason, White and Schenn were each given penalties for the Flyers -- with Chris VandeVelde serving for the goaltender -- and Bieksa and Perry were also sent to the box.

Out of all of that, Anaheim gained a power play, with a total of seven players combined sitting for the minor penalties with the 10 minute misconducts being served by two players. Then, 32 seconds later on the penalty kill, Philadelphia captain Claude Giroux took a slashing penalty, putting five men in the box for the Flyers for almost a minute and a half.

Giroux wouldn't be smiling for much longer, however, as Ryan Getzlaf scored with time winding down on the 5-on-3 Ducks power play to put the home team up 1-0.

UPDATE: Here's the full scrum in all it's unedited glory.

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