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Hockey game in Ottawa delayed after player shoots a hole in the boards

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The boards were really feeling it after this hit.

The most common delay during a hockey game when things break is when the glass along the boards shatters by some huge, earth-shaking hit. To see a delay after a shot takes out part of the boards that ring the ice is another matter entirely.

Cody Ceci of the Ottawa Senators somehow managed to shoot out part of the boards on what looked to be a seemingly harmless shot, delaying their game against the Blackhawks by almost 10 minutes.

That is the hole Ceci shot out of the bottom of the boards, right along the section that opens up to allow the Zamboni's through. Arena attendants spent about 10 minutes taking apart the yellow section of the boards before strapping a new one in where the hole used to be.

The delay was made more enjoyable by the antics of one of the helpers, who somehow did not slip and fall while quickly running this ladder over to the other side of the ice.