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Blog Council: Should Nashville acquire Stamkos and why do baby clothes have pockets?

Also: why are the Stars so much fun?

With a network as vast as ours here at SB Nation, we figured we'd put our fine hockey bloggers to good use. You've got questions every week. We know. And we're here to help.

Each Monday at 12 p.m. ET we'll take your questions on Twitter at @SBNationNHL. Our NHL Blog Council (made up of different bloggers from around the SBN hockey network) will meet and consider your queries. And on Wednesday we will render our verdicts to the masses.

Without further ado ...

Blog Council: COMMENCE

Jacob SundstromFear The Fin: Well, if the Central Division sends five teams to the playoffs I don't think they'll have much to complain about ... because honestly, I don't think I have it in me to feel bad for the Patrick Roy coached Colorado Avalanche.

Dan SaraceniLighthouse Hockey: Winnipeg. They're in that unenviable Phantom Zone in which they're pretty good but not nearly good enough to overcome four or five better teams. They'll probably be challenging the Kings for the division title if they played in the Pacific.

Travis Hughes, SB Nation NHL/Broad Street Hockey: Well, as it stands right now, Colorado would be the only deserving team that misses due to the divisional format. We all kind of expect this to be a mess at the end of the year given how deep that Central is, but that wouldn’t be the worst scenario in the world. Where it gets dicey in my opinion is when you get as many as two Central teams that are better than playoff teams from the Pacific -- and, well, that could definitely happen. Every single team in the Central is within striking distance of the postseason, and I refuse to go on record and say which teams will finish at the bottom. (Okay, fine, the Avs.)

Marc DumontEyes On The Prize: It very well could end up being the Blackhawks on the outside looking in, which would be a shame considering how strong their roster is. But on the other hand, it would also be very strong statement endorsing the NHL's parity.

That being said, the team that should/would be frustrated the most if they miss has to be Nashville Predators. They have the second-best Corsi For percentage (54.5) in the league. The process is there, but the results haven't been ideal.

Erin BolenDefending Big D: There are only two possible answers to this question, and given how things are rolling right now, both might have a case -- the Colorado Avalanche and Winnipeg Jets (although to be fair the Nashville Predators have an outside chance of slipping down into that morass). As I write this, the Avs would be a solo second in the Pacific but are sixth in the Central, while the Jets would be fourth but with a game in hand and the opportunity to jump into second with their next win. It's a little ridiculous, and under the old system with only the division leaders getting automatic bids, both would have good shots of getting into the postseason. I, for one, can't wait to see the inevitable Patrick Roy tantrum when this all catches up to them in April.

* * *

Jacob Sundstrom, FTF: I think they have the draft picks to do it, but I wouldn't really advise giving up as much as they'd probably need to for a rental.

Dan Saraceni, LHH: The Predators could use a center or two (or three or four), and as a rental, Stamkos would make them even more formidable. But when thinking about this question, all I can picture is Peter Forsberg in that silver Predators jersey. I remember that, sometimes, great rentals don't always work out the way you expect. Whether or not they can, I have no idea. Where is Martin Erat these days?

Travis Hughes, SBN/BSH: Could they? Sure, why not. They probably shouldn’t though. If I’m a team like the Predators, I probably just take my chances in free agency and hope to land Stamkos then, if there is indeed mutual interest there. The risk of trading for him and losing him in July is just too high, and as we noted in that tough Central Division, it’s going to be difficult to win there this year even if they did have Stamkos.

Marc Dumont, EOTP: Every team should trade for Stamkos. Not every team can. The Preds have a solid blue line, a great goalie and could definitely use the offensive punch provided by Stamkos. They're also one of the rare teams that have the cap space to make a deal, but you have to assume a fair amount of quality players and prospects are heading the other way. Is it worth losing  players like Forsberg, Josi and/or Fiala?

Erin Bolen, DBD: The whole Stamkos situation is really interesting because while the entire megapolis of Toronto is salivating over the chance to get him this summer, there's still a lot of uncertainty as to if he ever actually leaves the Lightning. No less than Elliotte Friedman thinks he's a good chance he actually stays, and the Lightning are right in the thick of a very crowded playoff race. Given that what Stamkos has done best this season is score on the power play (fourth with nine power play goals) and that's not an area the Predators are struggling in (tied for third as a team with 26 PP goals while Tampa is tied for sixth with 24), even though Nashville could trade for him, I'm not sure it would give them the meaningful even-strength boost they need in the uber-tough Central.

* * *

Jacob Sundstrom, FTF: Now that Mike Modano and Steve Ott no longer play for the Stars, sure, they're super fun. Lots of fun. So much fun. (Ed. Note: this seems like sarcasm, Jake)

Dan Saraceni, LHH: The Stars are a ton of fun to watch. I remember when the Islanders were fun to watch this time last year. Then they lost in the playoffs and now they're excruciating to watch. Pay heed, Stars fans.

Travis Hughes, SBN/BSH: I refuse to indulge you, Pat. (Ed. Note: But I didn't even ask this time!)

Marc Dumont, EotP: They're my favorite team to watch by far. Quick passing, controlled zone exits, creative offense, the Stars have it all. They allow their star players to shine, which is something many NHL coaches seem to avoid at all costs. In a league where creativity is shunned upon, the Stars are a rare beacon of entertainment.

Erin Bolen, DBD: If you look up fun in the hockey dictionary, there's probably some sort of Tyler Seguin GIF next to it. Since the hiring of Lindy Ruff and the acquisition of Seguin in the summer of 2013, they have stubbornly refused to adapt to the prevention-first systems that infiltrated the NHL in the mid 1990s. It makes my Hitchcock-hockey reared heart to confused but delighted at the same time, especially since this year they've generally combined it with the league-average goaltending that was sorely missing last season. Upside -- the Stars are never, ever out of a game. Downside -- neither are their opponents. They've been appointment TV to me for long enough that I'd rather not share, but it's been delightful to watch them become that, or at least the "who should I watch when my team isn't playing" option.

* * *

Jacob Sundstrom, FTF: I didn't know they had pockets until right now, so ... I guess to hide garbage and/or their wallets?

Dan Saraceni, LHH: Where else are they supposed to hide all of the keys to the liquor cabinet?

Travis Hughes, SBN/BSH: Babies have iPhones now right?

Marc Dumont, EotP: Because baby fanny packs are unfashionable.

Erin Bolen, DBD: For storing their baby snacks, of course. And the occasional rock you pulled out of your crawler's mouth. But mostly snacks.