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Sidney Crosby stickhandles his way to tying Penguins goal

We're seeing vintage Crosby tonight, folks.

Whenever the going gets tough for the Pittsburgh Penguins, somehow Sidney Crosby is always there to keep them going. Despite the all around down year career-wise and for the team, Crosby has this ability to get to the next level that no one else can match. The Penguins captain has been at that level all night, notching two points on a goal and a primary assist on Pittsburgh's first tally.

Crosby is given that much space to work with thanks to the 4-on-4 and he uses it all to his advantage. Breaking out of the neutral zone, Crosby accelerates and catches up with the puck in the Maple Leafs' zone. The captain stops at the right circle before pulling off a mesmerizing amount of moves with his stick before pulling the trigger on the wrist shot. Netminder Jonathan Bernier had no chance on the top-shelf offering that tied the game at 2-2 five minutes into the second.