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Bruins score tic-tac-toe goal on James Neal embellishment penalty

Quick passes spelled doom for Nashville here.

It took less than 10 seconds for Boston to capitalize on a James Neal embellishment penalty, and boy did they ever. Loui Eriksson continued to stay hot with his 12th point in 11 games, finishing the tic-tac-toe play that put the Bruins up 2-1 over the Predators just past the halfway point of the game.

Boston cycled the puck with ease, with every Bruin on the ice touching the puck in the eight seconds it took for Eriksson to pick it off the boards to his final tap-in past Carter Hutton. The Bruins quick passing was too much for the Nashville penalty killing team to handle, as they had no time to set up thanks to the crisp passes of Boston.

The Predators did capitalize on a power play of their own less than a minute later to tie the game, so the lead was short lived for the Bruins.

For laughs, here's Neal's embellishment penalty that got him the trip to the box.

Even better? Here's Tim Peel calling out the pitiful dive by Neal in the only way hockey refs no how to do (NSFW language).