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Watch Dan Sexton's amazing dive of the year submission

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The dive heard halfway around the world.

You might remember the name Dan Sexton from watching the Anaheim Ducks over the last few seasons. The former bottom six forward is now playing in Russia in the KHL while he tries his hand as an actor on the side.

Or at least, he should be after submitting the most incredible dive we've seen in hockey in recent memory. Sexton was playing for Metallurg on Wednesday when an opposing player cut across the ice and almost collided with him.

Key word there is "almost." Because he definitely didn't, even though Sexton went flying like a rag doll.

Yes, Sexton could have been so incredibly shocked by the player nearly missing his head that he went flying like a soft tissue falling in front of a fan. More likely: he dove spectacularly and earned his team a power play. Which is exactly what happened.

dan sexton

We're on to you, Sexton.

(H/T JT Utah)