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NHL expansion: Las Vegas ownership group unveils season ticket drive details

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The drive begins next week with a goal of 10,000 tickets sold.

The much-talked about season ticket drive for the potential Las Vegas NHL team will begin in earnest on Feb. 10, according to an email sent to fans on Tuesday.

The Las Vegas NHL group is looking to sell 10,000 season tickets through the drive to prove to the league the market is fertile for a NHL franchise. Fans who signed up for ticket drive email list received this image along with deposit information.

The group will be accepting deposits from the public next week, with costs ranging from $150-900. The email stated that the group will refund all deposits if the NHL does not award Las Vegas an NHL franchise.

Fans who purchase season ticket plans are expected to pay between $20 and $220 per game if the drive succeeds and a franchise is awarded. For some perspective, the top ten most expensive average season ticket prices this season are all above $220.