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Rangers player blatantly dives, draws penalty on astonished Islanders player

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He barely touched him!

Far be it from us to take one team's side on a penalty call, but it's probably objective to observe that Jesper Fast committed one of the most entertaining dives in NHL history on Tuesday.

The New York Rangers winger secured a power play for his team in the first period thanks to some awesome theatrics. He lined up next to New York Islanders winger Casey Cizikas on a faceoff, Cizikas tapped his foot with his stick and Fast went spinning like he ran over a banana peel in Mario Kart.

You can't even be angry about that if you're an Isles fan. The dive was so dramatic, so sudden and so spectacular that it deserves laughter or applause. That is an actor totally committed to his craft. Bravo, sir.