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Flames forward Lance Bouma lands scary knee-on-knee hit on Leafs player

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Bouma was lucky he didn't injure Brandon Kozun on the play.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Brandon Kozun is probably thankful he's still in the game after taking a serious knee-on-knee hit in Calgary on Friday.

The incident occurred in the first period, with the Flames leading 3-1. Kozun was handling the puck as he approached the offensive zone and saw Flames forward Lance Bouma zeroing in for the hit. Kozun dumped the puck, but didn't get out of the way before Bouma's knee connected with his own.


Kozun was limping heavily afterwards, and Bouma was challenged to a fight immediately by Leafs forward Zach Sill. Although Kozun eventually returned to Toronto's bench after the play, you have to wonder if Bouma's hit will at least earn a second look from the NHL.