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Former Canadiens coach insults P.K. Subban during drunk driving arrest

Mario Tremblay compared his arresting police officer to the Canadiens star defenseman.

Glenn Cratty/Getty Images

Comparing your arresting officer to a star Montreal Canadiens player seems like an odd way to talk your way out of a DUI, but that's apparently what former Canadiens coach Mario Tremblay did in January.

Tremblay is in court this week, just two months after his arrest for driving while impaired and refusing to provide a breath sample. During a preliminary hearing on Thursday, Tremblay's arresting officer testified that the former NHL coach was combative with officers and tried invoking his own name to avoid an arrest. According to Le Journal de Montreal, Tremblay said the officers "can not do this to me. I'm Mario Tremblay," which seems like a weak argument for not being arrested.

But the best quotes came when the officers put handcuffs on him. Tremblay reportedly accused the officers of being "proud" of arresting a "public figure" before comparing him to Canadiens star defenseman P.K. Subban.

"He compared me to some players, (saying) I'm like P.K. Subban and I have no judgment and I'm stupid," the officer said in court.

Tremblay never coached Subban, but this isn't the first time he's criticized the Habs' best player. But it is the first time he's used his opinions on Subban to try and guilt a police officer out of arresting him for drunk driving. Between that and the "I'm Mario Tremblay" defense, Tremblay seems to have a pretty open and shut case to present in court.