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Avalanche players retrieve teammate's lost mouthguard after it falls out

Nate Guenin should not put that thing back in his mouth.

There are a few things to unpack here.

First of all, a few people might be surprised to learn hockey players do wear mouth guards. How many times do those things fall out of player's mouths during games?

Secondly, shouldn't Nate Guenin be responsible for picking up his own mouthguard? It's like dumping a puck in at the blue line. You drop it, you retrieve it.

And finally, DON'T PUT THAT THING BACK IN YOUR MOUTH, NATE. Hockey ice is a disgusting thing covered in spit and sweat. Plus, Ryan O'Reilly just put that thing on his stick. Rubbing that thing on your jersey isn't going to get rid of the filth on it. You might die.