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Senators fans get free Big Macs because Ottawa beat Toronto

The Hamburglar meme continues to pay off.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

There is no end in sight to the amazing "Hamburglar" meme spreading throughout Ottawa. The nickname for sudden Senators star goalie Andrew Hammond has taken on a life of its own, to the point that hamburgers are becoming an integral part of Ottawa hockey culture.

Case in point: the Ottawa Senators promised their fans that if they beat the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday they'd each get a free hamburger from McDonald's. That alone seems like a pretty great deal, but the promotion was even sweeter after the Senators's empty-net goal with 47 seconds left.

Tonight's hamburger promotion is in addition to the "Big Mac® Minute", which provides fans attending Senators games at Canadian Tire Centre with the opportunity to redeem their ticket for a free Big Mac if the Senators score a goal in the final minute of the third period. If the Senators score in the final minute of the third period and win the game, fans would be able to redeem their ticket for both a hamburger and a Big Mac.

That's right: just when you thought the Leafs' season couldn't get any more embarrassing, their opponents incentivize an empty-net goal against them with free Big Macs.