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Coyotes goalie shoots puck off Penguins player's butt into his own net

This is the third butt-related own goal for Mike Smith.

Mike Smith's obsession with butt-related own goals is getting ridiculous. The Arizona Coyotes netminder is somewhat of a butt goal pioneer. He's had the puck fall into his pants for an own goal. He's fallen on his butt and given up a goal. And on Saturday night, he shot a puck off a butt and scored an own goal.

It happened when the Pittsburgh Penguins dumped the puck in during the first period. Smith went behind the net to gather the puck and shoot it up the ice, but he didn't see the butt in his way.


Upon further review, it's amazing that he didn't see Brandon Sutter right in front of him. It's impossible to fathom why he decided to shoot the puck in that direction.


Which leads us to only one conclusion: he is committed to his butt goal craft. We respect that, Mike. You keep doing you. Keep chasing your dreams.