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Craig Anderson bats puck out of midair three times to save goal

Looks like his blocker hand is all healed up!

Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson has missed the better part of a month with a nagging injury to his blocker hand. Ottawa's trainers apparently did their job fixing him up, because that hand briefly saved the Senators on Saturday.

Toronto had mounted a late third period comeback against the Senators and were pushing to tie it up when Phil Kessel got the puck on net with a couple of minutes left in regulation. The puck bounced up and looked like it would fall into the net until Anderson's blocker hand sprung out of nowhere.

By my count, Anderson whacked, batted and caught the puck out of midair three times before everyone piled on top of him. It was a key moment that saved the Senators' bacon...until Kessel scored the game-tying goal a minute later.

But still. The first save was awesome.