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Jets player gives up breakaway goal after referee interferes with his stick

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The ref was in the worst possible place at the wrong time.

The Winnipeg Jets were furious on Saturday after a referee's random interference directly led to a game-tying goal against their team.

Winnipeg was up 3-3 late in the third period when defenseman Tobias Enstrom tried to beat Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp to a puck toward the Jets' zone. Enstrom gathered the puck, but ran right into the path of a linesman. Things did not go well from that point.

Just like that, the Jets relinquished the lead in a huge game with playoff implications. While Jets fans' anger is understandable, it's hard to fault the linesman here. He was in the right position, but Enstrom still decided to skate right at him and try to deke around him anyways. Not a smart decision by the veteran Jets defenseman.