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Drew Miller gets slashed in the face by a Senators skate blade

The Red Wings veteran suffered a scary injury on Tuesday.

You'd think that hockey players would accidentally get cut or slashed by skate blades every other night. Fortunately, that sort of injury is rare. But when it happens, it's extremely scary.

And it doesn't get scarier than what happened to Detroit Red Wings forward Drew Miller on Tuesday. Miller was lined up for a faceoff against the Ottawa Senators early in the first period, ready to retrieve the puck. But as he stepped up, a Senators player lost his balance and his skate blade flew right into Miller's face.

Fair warning: the following GIF could be troubling to some readers. Proceed with caution.


Miller didn't linger on the ice for long; he made a beeline for the Red Wings locker room to immediately get attention from trainers. He didn't return for the rest of the game, but reportedly didn't suffer any eye damage.

UPDATE: A photo of Miller's scar and lacerations emerged after the game. It's extremely grisly, and could be troubling for a lot of people.


No, really, you've been warned.

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