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Watch Dion Phaneuf lay out T.J. Oshie with massive hit

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It looked worse than it was, fortunately for Oshie.

We have no idea how T.J. Oshie is still skating on Saturday night after taking a massive hit from Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.

Midway through the second period in Toronto, Oshie had circled back up ice and was advancing into the Leafs' zone. Then Phaneuf stepped up and laid a jarring hit on him that looked painful.

I mean, the whiplash on that hit is enough to make you worry about Oshie's well-being. But he immediately popped back up and went after Phaneuf, as the Blues were unhappy with the hit. Upon watching replays, the hit was a clean shoulder-to-shoulder hit. But it couldn't have looked any more painful. Wow.

(H/T @sm_1165)