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Brawl between Capitals and Islanders erupts at end of Game 6

Is this the way Nassau Coliseum goes out?

If Game 6 between the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders was truly the final game ever played at Nassau Coliseum, then the end was fittingly chaotic.

The Islanders had already iced the game with an empty-netter, so the Capitals had nothing left to play for. But as the horn sounded on their 3-1 defeat, defenseman John Carlson decided to fire one last shot on New York goalie Jaroslav Halak. The Islanders took issue with this, and all-out mayhem ensued. Shoves were given out. Punches were thrown. Bodies went flying everywhere as cats, dogs and beer bottles came flying from the rafters.

The spectacle made for a great segue into the first Game 7 of this postseason, as well as a terrific potential end to Nassau Coliseum. If the Islanders lose on Monday night in Washington, they will be eliminated and Game 6 will be the final game ever played at Nassau.

So they might as well send it off with fisticuffs and salutes.