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Ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford named to Hockey Hall of Fame board of directors

Yes, that Rob Ford.

Robert Laberge/Getty Images

In a somewhat (OK, entirely) surprising move, the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum announced on Saturday that former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was elected to its board of directors on March 25.

Ford told CTV News that he played hockey as a child and would try to attend every meeting he could. He will not have any say in the decision-making process for electing players to the Hall. According to the Hall's director of media relations, the Hall of Fame board of directors are selected by the city of Toronto and not the board itself. In fact, the city can only nominate three people to the 18-member board, and this year they chose Rob Ford.

If Ford's name sounds familiar, it's because it was all over the news last year as scandals rocked his office and ultimately cost him re-election. It started when the Toronto Star reported that witnesses saw Ford doing cocaine at a party in an exclusive Toronto club.

The media circus over the next few months included Ford making vulgar remarks about his wife, an apology for using racial slurs and even an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live during which he was generally ridiculed for his gaffes.

So you can imagine what the response was on Twitter among hockey fans. Actually, you don't have to! Here are some examples.