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Watch Sidney Crosby light up Ottawa in the first period

The man is ridiculous.

With his team's playoff hopes on the line, Sidney Crosby came out on Tuesday and let everyone know he meant business.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have fallen to the brink of missing the playoffs, but a road win over the Ottawa Senators would clinch a playoff berth for them. Crosby came out of the gates like a hornet in a shoebox.

Just ten seconds into the game, the NHL's points leader slapped a big statement home.

Later in the period, Crosby showed off some incredible skills by one-timing a shot with his backhand from 40 feet away. It was so unexpected that the Senators had no idea what to do with it before the Penguins shoved it in the net for a 3-0 lead.

You think Crosby wants to make the playoffs?